Religion vs. Jesus

Surprise, surprise. All of a sudden I’m in the mood to write something on my blog. Maybe I’ll even get it going again and start posting on a more frequent basis than every 2 years!

At any rate, there is a recent video of a young man reciting a poem he wrote entitled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.”

Have you seen it? You can find it here:

What do you think?

I am encouraged that young people are rejecting the institution of religion that has been built up in this country and are desperately and earnestly seeking the truth of God.

Something is completely different and unique about this person Jesus, and the message and model he brought to the world.

So much so, that his closest friends were radically transformed and had their lives turned upside down. Their commitment to this message, this good news (Gospel) was so intense that they were willing to die for it.

Watch the video. See what you think.

It was a truly wonderful birthday present to receive; particularly seeing the excitement and joy from so many young people literally across the globe that played a role in the successful passage of this bill.

Here’s a video summary of the event:


I was recently reprimanded for not having blogged in quite some time (to the tune of 3 months). A combination of things – lots of travel, busy at home, Mafia Wars addiction have all contributed to my tardiness.

I’m going to get back on board here and try to get the blogging juices flowing again.

Stay tuned (if you’re still out there…)

**UPDATE: A COMPROMISE WAS REACHED AT 3PM ET ON TUESDAY, MARCH 9th. Barring a hold placed on the newly amended bill text by a different Senator, it will pass the Senate later this week. Thank you to each person that played a role in this absolutely historic effort! Now, our focus will be on the House of Representatives, which needs to pass the bill as well before it is signed into law by the President.**

Please consider writing or better yet calling your U. S. Senator and ask them to encourage Sen. Coburn to lift his hold on the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act. Go to www.senate.gov to find contact information for your own Senator.

Call Sen. Coburn’s office directly and add your voice to those asking for him to release the hold on the bill.

Sign the petition at www.coburnsayyes.com.

Consider financial giving to organizations that are committed to helping end the war, but also providing aid to the children directly affected by the war – such as www.exileinternational.org.

And of course, there is much to follow at www.invisiblechildren.com.

Check it out.

Hannah learned a new trick

My granddaughter recently learned how to play hide-n-seek. She typically hides behind the curtain in the kitchen…

Pretty good, eh? You’d never guess there was a toddler hiding behind that curtain!

Well tonight she decided to get adventurous and try a new hiding place. See if you can find Hannah in the next picture:













Well? Did you spot Hannah? It took us nearly three minutes to find her (that is she stood there still as a statue for nearly three minutes!)